The Michael Palin Travel bag

If you are familiar with the travel programmes of Michael Palin, you might have noticed his splendid travel bags. If you had paid extra keen attention, you might also have figured out that he's keen on the bags of Whitehouse & Cox.

Whitehouse & Cox are based in Walsall, England, the historic centre of Britain's saddlemaking industry. The company has been producing leather goods by hand since 1875. Michael is such a satisfied customer that the Michael Palin Travel Bag produced by Whitehouse & Cox has become a thing in its own right.
English craftsmanship
The Michael Palin Travel Bag is available from Michael's own website. How it became a thing is that Michael worked with Whitehouse & Cox to create a bag that had everything he sought for his globe-trotting adventures. Michael wanted something that was 'functional but also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship'.

Rugged as Statham's stubbled chin
In terms of traveller-friendly functionality, the bag has external studded notebook/map pockets, six pen holders and an internal water bottle holder. All the materials used for the bag are as rugged as Jason Statham's stubbled chin: military-grade cotton webbing for the shoulder strap, waterproof laminated two-ply cotton canvas and English bridle leather reinforcements.

Precious companion
Michael considers the bags to be 'precious companions' on his trips because of their resilience in 'all kinds of different terrain and in all kinds of climate'. The bag will work tirelessly as your personal aide and always be ready for more. Michael is such a decent cove, and utterly self-deprecating in a typically English way, that this has to be seen as a huge endorsement.

Wanderlust fully quenched
Built the way it is, you're going to have to think about passing on this bag to the favoured heir to your throne. Hopefully, when you hand it over, it will have the scars, the knocks and patina of a life of wanderlust fully quenched.

Suitable Accessories
Whitehouse & Cox make many accessories you would want to keep inside and outside your travel bag. They have superb deerskin wash bags and excellent bridle leather key cases. So get one of each. I'll let you choose the colour. Bite the bullet now and you will be repaid with more years of enjoyment than if you keep putting it off with promises of future rewards for industry and good behaviour. That sounds more like punishment. Believe me, you deserve these things as much, if not more, than your future self. Who's he to tell you what you can and can't have?

If you wish to rein yourself in with only one accessory for your travel bag, then the Zip Round Travel Wallet makes sense as a capable co-worker. The wallet is made from English saddle leather with nickel best-of-breed riri zips.

Above we see the wallet in natural and red colourways, several other colours are available. The zip-around wallet keeps the contents secure and has the proportions to hold your passport, tickets, cards, coins and so on and so forth. If the travel bag is your valet, the wallet is your PA.


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