Brand New Vintage Braces

I'm easily thrilled — though I would never show it — keep it all in, old boy — but I think these braces from our old friends at Simon James Cathcart are absolutely first rate. The braces offer something a little different to the braces we're used to, but they are inspired by all the great braces that came before them.

Decus et tutamen
Like belts, braces have an ornamental as well as a functional purpose. I enjoy wearing both. I'm sure you do too. But some trousers are better suited to one or the other. As dear friend Bernhard Roetzel points out, trousers with a heavy cloth might benefit from braces to keep them in position. Or they may be constructed with a fishtail back specifically for braces. (If you want the very best in English belts, by the way, look no further than Equus of County Durham.)

SJC's slim elasticated braces are inspired by a 1920s design. The crisscross of elasticated tethers at the bottom are fun and add visual interest. I'm going to assume those are leather clips, but we don't need to look too closely as the sum of the braces is a delight.

Tidy haircut is important
You can see the braces in the top photo with SJC's fantastic 14oz Astoria blue Wool heringbone Chevalier trousers.  The chap has a very tidy haircut. Well played, sir.
Beret deserves top marks
Below the braces are teamed with SJC's formidable 11oz Workhouse Chinos. If that's a beret the chap is wearing, then we can't give anything less than 10 out of 10.


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