Mod Blazer Jacket

Madcap England started out in 2007 with the aim of introducing a line of clothing influenced by classic British mod and indie styles. The company is named after Syd Barrett's The Madcap Laughs to give you an idea of the spirit of the brand.

The advantage of beige
Madcap's Mod Blazer Jacket offers something different for the warmer months. The blazer is available in burgundy, navy and the beige (taffy) you see here. I see the advantage of the beige for summer.

The jacket looks something like a safari jacket with its chest pockets, but with its cleaner lines and colours this blazer has no crucial requirement for a jungle backdrop. That's not to say it won't look swinging in the jungle.
The blazer is made in England from a textured honeycomb waffle cotton and contrast check lining. The texture of the cotton reminds me of the Sunbeam hopsack of the Maurice Sedwell jacket.

Temporal realm
This type of jacket exists in the temporal realm between your traditional suit style and more relaxed dress. You can navigate towards one or the other by what you choose to wear with it. As a consequence, one might see it is as a  useful jacket for travelling. You have options to wear it in the day in a more casual way and to dress it up a bit more in the evening.
Thought experiment
Let's play a thought experiment. Try to imagine wearing the beige jacket with a light blue OCBD shirt and navy cotton and silk cable knit crew neck sweater. Excellent — glad you're playing along. Now let's push this a bit further. Dressed in the shirt, sweater and jacket, you are now sitting at the outside table of a bar on the streets of Athens in spring wearing classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. You have a vintage twin-lens Rolleiflex slung over your shoulder and you are tucking into mezes for lunch with a jug a retsina, having visited the Acropolis early that morning. The sound of the great Nana Mouskouri singing The White Rose of Athens is emanating from the inside of the bar. As you can see, the jacket works extremely well when gallivanting.

But that's not all. Come the evening, you can drop the sweater and put on a navy knitted silk tie before you meet Freddie Miles for dinner at a family taverna not far from Kolonaki Square. You might wish to run your own thought experiments, but the conclusion is likely to be the same: what we have in this jacket is an adaptable all-rounder.

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