Cadman of England Shaving Brushes

Temptation is all around us. If we are to fall into it, we should try to ensure its of an edifying variety. Can it be possible? I think the M60 Cashmere Shaving Brush with Malachite Green Pearl handle from Cadman Shaving Brushes falls into the 'ethical temptation' category.

Ethical temptations
Mervyn Cadman of Essex, England, is a British artisan shaving brush maker, an expert in his field. He makes everything himself. He casts the resin handles of his brushes and turns them by hand. He knots the brushes to the handles by hand. Most of his brushes are made to order.

You can choose from different sizes and shapes of handle and types of brush — badger, boar and synthetic. The M60 malachite green handle is 6cm in length, with the brush providing another 5.5cm

About knots
Synthetic hair has really moved on in the shaving brush world. The hair for the M60 is made from an extremely soft nylon filament with 24mm knots, which puts it in the top end of the medium range of knot sizes. They say the bigger knot sizes are better for shaving creams over soaps. Look at that top photo and tell me you don't want to feel those cashmere-soft fibres caressing your manly jawline? M60 brushes made with the cashmere knots are proving extremely popular. Mervyn has a two-week delay on orders.

The Cadman Bell
The Cadman Bell (below) is classic Cadman and its Art Deco styling is proving far too tempting for many. The bell-shaped handle is constructed from ebony and ivory resin parts that are joined forever to live in perfect harmony. Here we see the Cadman Bell with finest, softest, nicest-feeling silvertip badger hair.

Supercilious bleater
The handle is longer than the M60, coming in at 7.5cm, though Mervyn will oblige to make it shorter if required — and change the hair and knots to your heart's desire.

He was quite the supercilious bleater, but Wilde could have been referring to the Cadman Bell when he said 'the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it'.


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