Happy St. George's Day

O England! full of sinne, but most of sloth;
Spit out thy flegme, and fill thy brest with glorie.

The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations
George Herbert (1593-1633) - poet, parliamentarian and priest

Time to pop the old Saint George's Flag silk pocket square from Hackett in the chest pocket — whirl it around like a Morris man when no one is looking — and celebrate our patron saint, George, hallowed protector of old England. Look after us George, we've got quite a few dragons to dispatch.
The handing down of beliefs
As it's a feast day, a table is booked and celebrations will be implemented. What's the point in having traditions if you don't uphold them?

Happy Saint George's Day to all our English readers. I will raise a glass to you all.


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