The Faces of Dunkirk

I'm sure you've all seen Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk by now. Did you feel tempted to stand and salute this visual masterpiece at the end? And the music! Didn't the young actors acquit themselves very well? We forget that the average age of Tommy Atkins in the Second World War was — actually, I'm not sure, but I imagine it was pretty young.

The Dunkirk Spirit

As ambassadors for the British acting profession, it was nice to observe how the young talent in the film conducted themselves when the film was released — grateful for the experience to work with Christopher Nolan and humbled by the history of story they were telling.

Don't go bananas in LA
Let's hope they don't move to LA and go bananas.

How did they reflect British style when out promoting Dunkirk? We'll take a brief look here. Before we do, I have to say that Tom Hardy, who is also in Dunkirk — a Nolan stalwart — dresses very smartly generally. I think we might be pushing him into The Elegant Male. We'll decide at the next committee meeting.

Tom Glynn-Carney

Dunkirk was Tom Glyn-Carney's first film role. Tom is a trained actor and has a experience in the theatre and TV.

For the London premiere of Dunkirk, Tom wore a nice three-piece grey wool-worsted suit and ginger hair, which went very nicely with his shoes and slubby green silk tie. A nice, traditional suit with a peak lapels and waistcoat combination. We also have a pin-collar shirt. Tom's suit wouldn't look heavily out of place at the time of the Dunkirk evacuation.

Jack Lowden

Scotsman Jack Lowden has many film and theatre roles to his credit. Jack had a busy film year, appearing in Dunkirk and starring as Morrissey in England is Mine.

For the London premiere of Dunkirk, Jack wore a dark navy suit by Burberry and a reddish beard. The suit was complemented with sombre black knitted tie and patent shoes. I'm thinking a moustache will suit his features very well. Try it Jack.

Fionn Whitehead

Fionn Whitehead is a Londoner, the youngest of the bunch, and started his acting career in 2016. Christopher Nolan has compared him to Tom Courtenay. There's certainly a physical resemblance.

For the London premiere of Dunkirk, Fionn also wore a Burberry suit. Maybe they all did? It's a three-piece number in a rather nice check. Could those lapels be bigger?

I think we need to lose that earring Mr Whitehead. Same with you Tom. You don't look like pirates to me.

Harold Styles

Harold Edward Styles is probably most famous for once being in a boy band. He has moved seemingly seamlessly into acting with a proper film debut in Dunkirk. He auditioned for and certainly earned his role in the film. I'm sure he will do more film work.
Harry Stylish
Some say he looks better now that he's tamed his mop. The mod style suited him for the shoot he did for Another Man (top and below).

For the London premiere of Dunkirk, Harry wore a double-breasted suit, but chose to leave his tie at home and slipped on what look like cowboy boots. We'll have to knock ten points away for each of these indiscretions.

Overall, relatively smart, lads.


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