Harry Hall - Hacking Since 1891

In amongst the tic-tac men at Stratford-on-Avon racecourse the other weekend, I noticed a punter placing a bet on the 2:15 in a lovely tweed hacking jacket. Stratford racecourse was fairly tweed-heavy that day, with lots of young chaps dressed like extras from Peaky Blinders — encouraging.

Extras from Peaky Blinders
I imagined Mr Hacking Jacket had some association with one of the horses running. He seemed confident about his bet. I knew his jacket reminded me of a specific hacking jacket I'd seen. For the sake of this post, I believe it was one I had seen stocked by Harry Hall.
Hall marked clothes are the best
Harry Hall started his tailoring business in the 1870s and in 1891 founded Harry Hall Esq, Bootmaker and Tailor. The brand's slogan was: ‘Hall marked clothes are the best’. Up until the 1960s, Harry Hall was located in London's Regent Street where you could call into the shop to order made-to-measure riding gear and saddles. The company is still British-owned, but now based in Yorkshire.

Classic ratcatcher
Sadly, it looks like the latest Harry Hall tweed hacking jacket is currently out of stock, which is a shame because it was rather splendid. Gone forever? I will monitor the situation. In my mind's eye it was the classic ratcatcher shape in a cavalry twill with high lapels and flapped pockets. I'm sure Tweedland won't mind my reproducing the Harry Hall hacking jacket posted on here, also shown below, as it's such a perfect example.

I hope the jacket I saw had the same tattersall lining. I couldn't go up to the chap and ask him to give me a flash. It's just not done at the racecourse. This classic example is, however, hacking jacket heaven.
Hacking jacket heaven
If the current incarnation of Harry Hall happens to read this, I think a reproduction of this very same jacket would go down an absolute bomb.

Incidentally, if you're a rider, it might be worth becoming a member of Harry Hall's One Club to receive generous discounts and benefits on equestrian products.


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