Tie-watch - The Lesser-Spotted Brown a Drakes?

Renowned British historian in brown tie with pink spots


Timothy Garton Ash, the British historian, writer and all-round good egg, was seen on the Charlie Rose programme on Bloomberg sporting a fetching brown knitted tie with pink spots.

Some tie watchers suggested it might be a Drakes. At Tweed Towers, we're not so sure. It's certainly a good likeness.

The Tweed Pig is investigating, using old-fashioned journalistic techniques and an army of fact-checkers, but you certainly can't go wrong with Drakes' brown stunner, with the pink spots sewn by hand, if you want to achieve the historian-about-town look.

Whilst the investigation is ongoing, Facts are Subversive, a collection of some of the essays of Timothy Garton Ash is a worthy diversion. Commentary on current affairs with a considered historical perspective.


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