John Simons and Aertex Collection Explores Heritage

Aertex is collaborating on a new range with John Simons. The 60s-inspired Aertex with John Simons collection will be available from next year.

My experience with Aertex, having navy polo shirts made with the trademark Aertex fabric, is positive. I like the way the loosely woven fabric has worn over the years, and its distinct look and feel in contrast to the ubiquitous cotton pique. The shirts are no-nonsense and hard wearing.

The collaboration between Aertex, a Manchester-based company that dates back to 1888, and John Simons will draw on their archive of fabrics. It would be nice to see some of the famous Aertex cellular cotton fabric of my shirts in the range. As well as its use in sport, naturally the fabric has a British military history - the famous 7th Army, or 'Desert Rats', wore Aertex fabric in their North African campaigns.
Clean-cut and eminently wearable
John Simons has been on the front-line as retailer, and lately designer, of traditional Anglo-American clothing since the late 50s. In their London shop you will find all the labels you could possibly expect to achieve an understated and timeless look from head to toe. Their own designs, produced under The John Simons Apparel Company label, are the result of his years of experience in knowing what works. I feel that some decent stuff is on the way, gentlemen - clean-cut and eminently wearable.
Aertex with John Simons will be available in the UK, US and Japan, including John Simons' own shop. Tweedy is eagerly anticipating the results of the collaboration.


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