Seersucker to Keep the Paparazzi at Bay

Seersucker is a classic summer staple.

Seersucker, a crumpled cotton fabric, was commonly used for clothing in the hotter parts of Britain's colonies in Empire days. Its unevenness means that the cloth is held away from the skin, allowing air to circulate to keep the wearer cooler. I must say that I've worn seersucker shirts and not really noticed this cooling property greatly. If it's boiling hot, I prefer a soft cotton shirt or one of John Smedley's glorious Sea Island cotton polo shirts next to the skin, with maybe a bit of seersucker on top

I do like the lightness of seersucker for summer jackets and shorts though, particularly in the classic blue and white stripe. 

I spotted a couple of nice examples of jackets at Anderson and Sheppard (above) and Mark Powell (below - double-breasted jacket). And if you're being chased by paparazzi, the good thing is that you'll play havoc with their photos wearing seersucker.

Anderson and Sheppard,
32 Old Burlington Street
London W1S 3AT

Mark Powell - Bespoke Tailor
2 Marshall Street
London W1F 9BA


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