Linley Gets Wood

Viscount Linley's childhood passion for cabinet-making led to him carving out a career as a furniture designer and maker.

Linley, son of Princess Margaret and the Earl of Snowdon, studied carpentry in his youth and set up David Linley Furniture, now Linley, in the mid-80s. Linley sells modern classic furniture and objects. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and high standards of finish are intrinsic to the custom furniture side of the business, that "draws on centuries of excellence in the British tradition of cabinet-making.", and continues in their gifts and accessories. 

For your study, why not the Helix Pedestal desk and games table (below), and the Union Flag humidor (above). You need never come out.

As a self-confessed Smedleyolic, although I probably mnetion them too much, I can't let it pass to mention that Viscount Linley is also a fan of John Smedley. He goes for the polo necks and is often seen sporting one beneath a suit. Is there not a royal warrant for 14th in line for the throne?  


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