Manual of Etiquette - Dress Well in Two Pages

Two pages is all it takes to describe the rules of being a well-dressed man.

In A Manual of Etiquette, edited by N. Bickley, 1952, two pages, well one-and-a-half pages are devoted to the rules of being a well-dressed man. Not much, but is it enough? Essentially, in terms of getting the basics right, I suppose it is. 

Some of the tips may need slight tweaking for the 21st century, it's a while since I've sported a gibus, but if you applied them no one could ever accuse you of being a badly dressed scruffbag. Ever. Who knows, you might even find yourself on one of those best-dressed lists.

I like the use of the word manual, as it implies a certain utilitarian objective in dressing well.


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