Kent Brushes - The Badger that Got the Cream

Kent Brushes have the shaving creams and soaps for your badger. Our friends at Kent Brushes, established 1777 (which continues to amaze me), are world renowned for their hair brushes and combs, clothes brushes, shaving brushes and even toothbrushes. We discussed Kent's hairbrushes and combs in an earlier post, so by now you all should have one of each in your kit bag. Today we look at the shaving brush and the shaving cream they produce to accompany it.

My Kent shaving brush has given great service for many years. A good shave demands a good shaving brush - it's essential - and the softness and water retentive qualities of the pure badger hair delivers every time. It still works so very well that it's very difficult to find an excuse to purchase Kent's BLK12 - the king-sized silver tip. But excuse I will find, gentlemen.

Note the glorious felt-lined red and gilt case, with its Regency echoes. Although I have to say that I like the new packaging that's coming through too.

The tub of Kent's shaving cream designed for use with their brushes produces a good, lasting creamy lather, and the addition of conditioning menthol produces a pleasant sensation on the face. The richness of the cream helps soften the bristles and completely eliminates any drag from the razor. 


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