Scabal's Remarkable Mills

The Bower Roebuck mill produces some of the finest cloth in England

Renowned for their fine weave cloth, from Super 120s to 200s, Scabal's Huddersfield-based Bower Roebuck mill also produced the world's first 100% vicuna suiting. So they have a reputation for pushing the boundaries of high-end fabric production. 

Ten years ago they produced the Diamond Chip cloth, which incorporates minute diamond fragments into the wool at its combing stage. The wool is then spun to produce a thread that hangs exceptionally well when woven. This year they celebrate the anniversary of that technological breakthrough with the release of The Diamond Chip 10th Anniversary Collection.

The cloth is a four-season medium-weight Super 150s twill of 80% wool, 20% silk. It comes in light to dark greys and blues, plus a few browns, plain and with fine stripes. Your tailor will, no doubt, be as delighted to create something with it as you will be to wear it.


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