Floris Rose Mouthwash - Oral Floral

Floris Rose Mouthwash - Medicine Cabinet Essential

Adding a little bit of luxury to an everyday activity can elevate the experience into one of almost Sybaritic indulgence. With Floris' Rose Mouthwash it's even possible to add a touch of glamour and romance to your dental routine.  

The mouthwash is very much a part of the history of this redoubtable company. It was developed in the early 1900s, based on the pure rose water that was available from the Floris catalogue around 1860. The mouthwash contains best quality rose water, which is obtained during the distillation process of rose otto oil from roses grown in the South of France, Italy and Turkey. The flavour is enhanced by rose de mai oil sourced from Italy and Egypt, with a hint of American peppermint oil.

This product is highly concentrated and only a few drops diluted in a small tumbler of warm water are required to produce an original and very special mouthwash.

Of course, we get used to these little pleasures, and there's usually no going back - as illustrated by the story of the Sybarite who got so used to sleeping on rose petals he could not sleep one time when a petal became folded. Hey-ho, I guess we only live once, so we might as well be as comfortable as possible. 

Floris Collaborates with Highgrove

From rose to lavender: Floris have collaborated with Highgrove to create a natural collection that contains essential oil distilled from lavender harvested on the Sandringham Estate, the country retreat of Her Majesty the Queen.

Two of our favourite British companies share the same ethos, and the collaboration seems well-suited.  


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