Music to Button a Cardigan By: Tell Me A Tale

Michael Kiwanuka — Tell Me A Tale

You could say that Michael Kiwanuka's Tell Me a Tale is retro sounding, another in the line of new/old music that's been popular since Amy Winehouse had her success, but you could also say it is just great sounding and timeless.

I think there's an argument for saying certain types of pop music have been perfected, and the conventions established shouldn't be ignored but used as a template, like a recipe from the Larousse Gastronomique or the proportions of a Georgian townhouse. 

The estimable Michael Kiwanuka is the son of Ugandan parents and is currently based in London. He's been compared to soul greats, so I'll pitch in the name of Terry Callier. This track becomes the first in our series of cardigan-buttoning tunes at Tweed Towers.


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