Nigel Cabourn - High-Tech Harris Tweed

Nigel Cabourn, England, launch a new range of clothes using a breakthrough waterproof Harris tweed.

Nigel Cabourn are no strangers to using authentic Harris tweed in their collections. This winter they make available their Lined Cameraman Jacket (above). The jacket uses Harris tweed coated with dry wax. A first for Nigel Cabourn, as well as Harris Tweed, as the wax coating enables the tweed to become a performance waterproof fabric.  

This collaboration is, of course, no surprise knowing that the man behind the label, North-east England-based Nigel Cabourn himself, consciously steers clear of throwaway fashion and trends. Nigel Cabourn draws on his personal archive of vintage clothes and for his Authentic Made in England range he drew inspiration from the clothes worn on the expedition led by Sir Edmund Hillary for the 1953 ascent of Everest. His knowledge and championing of the rich heritage of fabrics and garments, from military  to workwear, that the British Isles has produced means that the Authentic range uses British manufacturers and original British fabrics where possible.   

For the country with the greatest love of attention to detail and quality there is also a Mainline Made in Japan range from Nigel Cabourn that uses the best Japanese fabrics and materials. The Tweed Pig must try and make it over to Japan soon.


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