Cherchbi - Wearing the British Isles on your Head

Cherchbi Strives for British Authenticity in their Leathergoods and Accessories

A belief in using wool from the rare-breed Herdwick sheep led to the formation of Cherchbi, a company dedicated to seeking out and using British materials to produce leathergoods and accessories. Herdwicks are native to Cumbria, their name deriving from Old Norse for sheep meadow, and were beloved of Beatrix Potter who kept and bred a herd.

Truly British Products

As you can see from the map above, many parts of the British Isles are represented in Cherchbi's products.

Cherchbi developed a Donegal-style tweed from the Herdwick fleece, called Herdwick No.10, that is woven in Wales. The tweed is finished in Lancashire.

Cherchbi's leather is finished in Derbyshire using Northern Irish cow hide.

Local British materials and craftsmanship in contrast to the companies that trade on British heritage, but are British only in terms of their stockmarket listing.

Not only truly British, but also adhering to a philosophy that values quality of the finished article over the shifting of as many units as possible. Made in Britain as a byword for excellence and reliability.

The British Isles on Your Head

If you want to wear the British Isles on your head, look no further than the 1571 Herdwick Cap from Cherchbi. The name of the cap has a lovely story about it. Was there really an Act of Parliament in 1571 which stated that "common men over six years of age must wear English-made woollen caps on Sundays and holidays, or face a fine of three farthings a day"? A nice detail, but also a very good idea to boost the domestic market if any MPs are reading this. This would go hand-in-hand with the flip-flop tax we've mooted on these pages before.


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