Beaufort & Blake - Protect Your Territory

The Sacrifice

It is to a wood-panelled room in the turret of Tweed Towers that I retreat to write The Tweed Pig. A Spartan place: with merely an armchair, a drinks tray, a kettle and tea things, a record player, an excellent selection of books and magazines, a humidor, and tins of biscuits and sweets. Frankly, I wouldn't want to spend the enormous amount of time in there that I do, but remain I must until something adequate enough to publish appears. That's the sacrifice I make.

But such sacrifices bring rewards, and not just the trickle of donations to help keep us ad-sense free (and also send me to Savile Row. I think we have enough for a button so far.) We get to know lots of kind and charming people, such as our chums at Beaufort & Blake who made the lovely floral boxers we featured.

The Patriot

I've been speaking with dear Edward Bonnar, of B & B, and he said I should take a look at their Patriot boxer shorts (above and below). Who could resist the idea of the Union Flag 'protecting their territory'? Not I, as you may witness here.

The underwear comes with a natty little embroidered bag, as do all of Beaufort & Blake's boxer shorts, and celebrates "the significance of our Union Jack as a true British icon".

About Beaufort & Blake

Beaufort & Blake was established in 2012 by three like-minded souls who wanted to reinvigorate the British Army mess room tradition of adding a little hidden colour to shirts under their formal black/white tie dress. They began by creating a patriotic-themed dress shirt for a friend attending a ‘Best of British’ May Ball. It was such a hit, they set about shaping a business around it.

The shirts they produce have patterned backs and sleeves, which remain hidden under a dinner jacket until the night progresses, the drink flows and the jackets are removed.

That's the marcella-fronted Ivory dress shirt with elephant motif below. They have some Liberty print shirts in the pipeline, which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Beaufort & Blake at the Game Fair

Beaufort & Blake will be appearing live at the CLA Game Fair next month, which is the UK's largest "annual celebration of field sports and rural life". If you see them, offer your hand, shake firmly, and let them know you read The Tweed Pig. It's a gateway to a better life.


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