Exactly Cricket - Dressed for the Wicket

Fortnum's Cricketer Gingerbread Biscuit (above).

Traditional Cricket Kit

Slowly we are closing in on the ultimate traditional cricketing kit, which handily doubles as perfect weekend wear for the less sporting.

Alan Paine gave us the traditional England cricket sweater.

Merchant Fox gave us their incredible cricket flannels.

A ex-pat reader was grateful for these recommendations, but he wondered how we could fill the shirt-shaped gap? We're looking for a shirt similar to the one worn by Mike Brearley, ex-England cricketer, in the photo above.

Note: We're using Mike Brearley as a template for the consummate cricketing gentleman. I maintain that he took to the field sporting a white cravat on occasion, but I can't find a photo to prove this.

Shirt-wise, we're thinking this one below from Darcy Clothing is pretty close, but do let us know if you've spotted others. The shirt is constructed of soft and lightweight cotton drill.

Anything else to add to our kit? Perhaps a splash of MCC 'egg and bacon' striping?


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