Wooden Sunglasses - Barrow & Flux

Barrow & Flux

Barrow & Flux make sunglasses by hand in Dorset, England, from the finest materials; and, here's the twist, the finest materials include wooden frames. Great idea, eh?

Perhaps this may be more of a reintroduction of an earlier British practice. The British can claim the invention of glasses using arms passed over the ear to hold them in place with Georgian optical pioneers like Edward Scarlett; wood, horn, silver and tortoiseshell being popular natural materials for frames in those early days.

Barrow & Flux are Justin Barrow and Christian Flux who founded B & F in 2011. The materials they use are all made in England. As they say: "Creating a local sustainable business in England will ensure the future of communities, our families and our friends, be them old and new." That's important, isn't it?

The Glasses

The wood for the frames is indigenous English, which is kiln-dried and cut into veneers. The frames above are made from English oak. The lenses are made from polycarbonate.

And that's as much as I know. If our new chums get in touch, I'll dish out some more gen.


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