Top Hats for Royal Ascot

If you're at Royal Ascot this week, do call in at Oliver Brown of Chelsea, London, who will be there for the duration. Pick their brains about the history of morning dress (so I don't have to repeat it all here).

Oliver Brown is Top for Top Hats

Oliver Brown sell the best antique and contemporary top hats. If you're wondering about colour, shape, size or age of top hat, no problem, Oliver Brown really know their onions, and can satisfyingly answer any question on the subject.

Diminishing pool of supply
Look at the beautiful antique silk plush hat above; made with a type of production that is no longer in existence. And if you go for one of those, you'll need a top hat 'bucket' to keep it safely way from those cursed moths. We don't want the pool of supply to diminish further. Brown sell those too.
Fingers crossed
Good luck with your wagers, gents.


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