Father's Day Fare

Know thy Father

The photo above is from a gallery by our good friends at British Pathé called "10 Best Bachelor Pastimes". And making a replica cathedral for your front garden is a pretty decent pastime, it must be said. If you think your father has a permanent look of disappointment on his face, it's because he had to forgo many such wonderfully pointless pastimes when Fatherhood wrought havoc on the carefree, self-indulgent existence he enjoyed.

For such sacrifices we should celebrate him. But how? you wonder. He's a grumpy, old cove who doesn't profess to enjoy a great deal in life. But fathers, being a simple breed, are actually easy to please. Feed him well, and you'll have your father rolling on his belly for a tummy rub.

Tweedy's Thought: Does the British male still indulge in creatively eccentric recreations? Or has he yielded to the stupefying glow of digital diversions? If you make buildings out of matchsticks, trim your hedges into amusing shapes, or you've constructed a model railway in your loft, let us know. You can inspire us all.

Mr. Trotters's for Father

Feed your father fatherly staples. Fortnum's did stock a Gentleman's Tuck Box, which contained beers and cheeses and everything to keep the old boy happy. You may wish to inquire about that.

Otherwise, Mr. Trotter's 'pub in a box' will light up his eyes with its selection of ale and pork scratchings. He'll be as happy as a bachelor with a hobby.

About Mr. Trotter's

Tom Parker-Bowles, Matthew Fort, Rupert Ponsonby (pictured above) and Graham Jebb are behind the Mr. Trotter enterprise.

According to Rupert: "Pork crackling and scratchings are part of our cultural inheritance. They make us what we are. What is a crisp compared to the crackle and crunch of a crisped up piece of pig?"

Who'd have thought it? We're part pork scratching.


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