I Am Dandy - Celebrating the Exquisite Gentleman

A most enjoyable little film from 'CBS Sunday Morning' (below) celebrating the dandy from a mostly Anglo-American perspective, and promoting a top-hole book on modern-day dandies called I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman [Amazon] by Rose Callahan and Nathaniel Adams.

Our dear Beau Brummell is rightly mentioned as the father of all dandyism. Britain's own Willy Wonka gets a deserved mention too.

Harlem Dandy

New York jazz singer Dandy Wellington (above) stands out in the film with his 'Harlem dandy' aesthetic. Imagine if we all were to take such time over our appearance? Bliss would it be in that dawn to be alive. I suspect Dandy inspires us all to try sock suspenders (once and for all). Thurston do a good range.


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