Foad's Moustache Wax

We now interrupt The Tweed Pig to bring you an advertisement for Foad's moustache wax.

Now that's an advertisement. Actually, we 're not really interrupting anything. What's The Tweed Pig if it isn't a a series of strung-together interruptions? We're probably preventing you from doing something more meaningful right now.

For Your Top Lip Display

Foad's moustache wax is handmade by London-based Pat Foad. He sells two varieties of wax: the firmer, more sculptural Foad Wax, which is made from British beeswax; and the softer Toad Satin Wax (above). The Toad Satin Wax is a shinier affair, made with Jojoba wax and captivating unguents. Foad reckons the softer wax can be used on beard or noggin hair just as well.

Filthy Swing from the Top Shelf Band

You're wondering about the excellent band used in the advertisement? They're the Top Shelf Band, 'errant princelings from the Vaudeville Otherworld'.

They play 'filthy swing', which is the sort of music that demands the application of moustache wax when you listen to it — even if you don't have a moustache.

You should book them for your next do.

And if you're looking for a Fez, and I think you are, try our friends at Tails.


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