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I invested in this Hermès heavy silk printed tie to go with the Cordings pink trousers I keep going on about (here and here). Hermès, established in 1837 by the German-born Thierry Hermès, is still an independent French company (although LVMH, who own a small stake, are reputedly hovering to take it over). Up to 2006 a Hermès family member headed the firm.

Hermès licenses no products, retaining control from design to manufacture.The company supports traditional manufacturing and eschews mass-production techniques that compromise on their commitment to quality. They do not discount and they do not pass their products to resellers. Caveat emptor, gentlemen.

We are interested in their John Lobb footwear business, which they incorporated in 1976.

We are also interested in their ties, which are hand-rolled or folded and constructed meticulously from the finest silk yarns that they also use for their famous scarves.


  1. Lovely looking belt - could you tell me more about it please?


    1. Hello James. I bought it in Lucca in Italy years ago. Brass buckle. Brown textured leather. It just says 'Made in Italy', no branding. It's served me well.


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