Soundtrack to the Brazil World Cup

Music to Watch Football By

What will be your soundtrack to the Brazil World Cup? Perhaps you favour a compilation of the Cockney Rejects and military marching music? Or maybe you're looking for a more mellow and Latin-tinged sound?

I haven't heard the officially-sanctioned World Cup songs, and I'm not seeking them out, but here we present The Tweed Pig soundtrack to the World Cup with some of our Brazilian favourites. Of course, we'll be listening to the Cockney Rejects too.

Gal Costa - Baby

A tropicália tune that will challenge the 'air drummers' amongst us. Baby [Amazon] by Gal Costa never fails to make it to a summer playlist at Tweed Towers.

Soul Samba - Ike Quebec

Ike Quebec and an ensemble of (non-Brazilian) jazz big-hitters deliver a quintessentially Latin sound. Bossa Nova Soul Samba [Amazon] is laid-back enough for the late-scheduled World Cup games.

Stone Flower - Antonio Carlos Jobim

Stone Flower (top) [Amazon] was recorded by Jobim in 1970, when Brazil won the World Cup. They don't make cover art like that any more. No girls from Ipanema to be found, thankfully.


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