Where Did You Get That Hat?

Grizzly Tweedy

The cold weather seems to be settling in here in the UK. And when there is a chill wind blowing out comes 'old thumper', my fur hat. As you can see, it really is built to keep out the cold. I bought it in Prague for pennies about ten years ago. I was desperate for anything to keep out way below zero temperatures and it was an absolute godsend. That and the warming soup they were serving using carved-out loaves as bowls, so that you could eat the bowls as well.

I've not seen a hat over here that would come close to its warmth yet, nor any restaurant using the bread bowls (a great idea). You could say that the style of the hat is a bit of a throwback to the Communist days, but I like to think it has a whiff of Cossack about it, maybe even Grizzly Adams. Does it look good? I certainly get some looks with it on, but it's normally from rather hypothermic-looking individuals.


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