Saving Tricker's - Star Cobblers

Tricker's Since 1829

Tricker's shoes have been around since 1829. They're still making shoes in the UK and surviving the onslaught of globalisation, because, like all survivors, they didn't panic and head in the same direction as all the others who were trying to save their skins. No attempts to outsource, expand, stretch, diffuse or dilute the brand. Just kept on doing what they've always been doing and hanging on to their unique differentiators of heritage, quality and that all-important (particularly in the Italian and Japanese markets) 'Made in England' label.
Approved by the Yakuza
I'm sure the Yakuza would have thought differently of their particular Tricker's design of shoe if it was suddenly to be made in Bangladesh by children . No, the infamous Japanese gangsters appreciate that their shoes are made by craftsmen in Northampton, in much the same way as shoes have been made there over almost two hundred years. If you go to the factory shop, ask to see the Yakuza design by the way. The Japanese gangsters have perfected their way of dressing and, much like Tricker's, remain sublimely impervious to shallow trends. We could learn a lot from the Yakuza.

My Tricker's have served me well over the years. Trouble arises when I look to have them repaired. High-street cobblers are a gamble, you can never be sure that your shoes won't be returned with new dents and scuffs along with the repair.

Good to see that hope might be at hand. Star Cobblers offer a nationwide service. You pop your shoes in a bag and send them off to magically fixed. A good job they made too. Resole and heels with metal quarters. The heels were very worn down, as I'd been putting off the day when I trusted them with someone else for quite some time. The pastoral tableau above doesn't quite show the repairs, but it was a neat job and they even threw in a well-matched tin of shoe polish. Worth a try if you have become frustrated with shoe repairs elsewhere. I will certainly use them again.


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