Little Treats - Taking a Cigar for a Walk

Take a Cigar for a Stroll

I think we all deserve little treats now and again. Old Tweedy's not one to try and continue pursuing the lifestyle of a 12 year-old boy with video games, skateboards and hooded tops. (Although I still like to read the odd Commando comic).

I find it nice to take a cigar for a stroll occasionally, perhaps to a local park or a quiet city street with an outdoor cafe, but moderation is the key here. I smoke very little, sticking to holidays and when I'm on the beach. Smoking cigars on the beach can be very nice, watching the shimmering sea from a lounger and puffing on a cigar in contemplation.
Little indulgences
I'm still trying brands and have yet to settle on one, although I don't suppose I have to settle on one. I won't pay a fortune for these little indulgences, but don't want to smoke sticks bundled together either.

The H. Upmann and Punch came with me to the park. Upmann was John F. Kennedy's favourite brand, so legend has it. I don't know, but it was an easy beginner's smoke. Easy to draw and an even burn.

I showed the Punch cigar around the aviary and botanical gardens. It was more full-bodied and a harder draw, so needed a relight. The burn was slightly uneven. I preferred the Upmann.


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