The Snowman was a Friend of David Bowie, Actually

The Christmas season is almost upon us. Time for wrapping-up, and not just presents if the weather forecasts are right. Have your chunky sweaters to hand. Even David Bowie has been known to pull on a seasonal sweater now and then.

Many people will recall the duet he made with Bing Crosby of The Little Drummer Boy, but perhaps fewer will remember the introduction he made for The Snowman when it was originally broadcast in the early 80s. For the first 45 seconds of the video you will see Bowie sporting a nice sweater and trouser combination. There is even a very brief window (the daylight hours of Christmas Day) when he could get away with the scarf too.

If you've never seen The Snowman, stick with it. It's full of charm and humanity, snowmanity even. I think we're still permitted to take a leap of faith at this time of year, so I'm even willing to believe Bowie really is the boy in the cartoon.


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