Take 90 - Dave Brubeck

Fantasy Bachelor Pad

When I was growing up, the one thing I resolved to have in my fantasy bachelor pad was a reel-to-reel player. It would have jazz playing constantly and there would always be a drinks cabinet to hand. It would be a short walk to my sunken bed with the headboard that acted as a shelf for lots of interesting photographic books on architecture and so on. I think there's a similar bed in a Woody Allen film., actually. It seems like a slightly dated, obvious and ersatz vision of sophistication to my now adult eyes. I suppose it depends, to some extent, on the player and the music. Though my bachelor days are over, the music would still include Dave Brubeck, that hasn't changed. So well done wee little Tweedy for getting that right.

Although I never got the reel-to-reel, I got the Brubeck. Wonderful to hear the broadcasts celebrating Mr Brubeck's 90th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, sir.
In his own sweet way
The Arena programme, "In His Own Sweet Way",  directed for the BBC by Clint Eastwood was a joy. In video clips of performances and in photo stills there is always a broad smile. Talking about the music it was there too, his love for the form undiminished.

Sometimes unkindly regarded as background music, the sounds of his albums with the Dave Brubeck Quartet in the 50s and 60s are complex and elegant, famous for the unusual time signatures, and stand countless listens.
Signature Brubeck
Signature Brubeck look in the photo here. Black-framed glasses, crumpled dark suit, skinny tie, white shirt. The sort of thing I might have wanted to wear in my child's vision of a bachelor pad. I would imagine there would have been a lot of smoke swirling around wherever they are playing and the sound of ice clinking in scotch glasses. Judging by the bassist, I think they have just played one hell of a set.


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