The Pyjama Game

The Traditional Pyjama Wearer

Is the wearing of pyjamas dying out? More and more 'lounge wear' is for sale right now, which normally comprises a plain t-shirt and non-matching bottoms. As this differs little from a lot of the day wear for sale, I'm not sure of the point of it. You can't really affect Noel Coward-like airs in lounge wear, or louche Hugh Hefnerism for that matter. I prefer a traditional set of pyjamas, a two-piece, but I think I'm in a shrinking minority, as they are becoming rarer to find now. On the high street, M & S have a small collection, but retailers off the high street can still supply the traditional pyjama wearer.

Derek Rose

Derek Rose have succumbed to the tyranny of lounge wear, but they still make pyjamas the way I like them - with a top that can button up to the neck. Looks so much smarter under a housecoat. Nice colour schemes and fabrics for summer and winter. For a company that puts Savile Row on its logo, it's a stretch when the last couple of pairs I bought were made in the Czech Republic.

Pakeman Cato and Carter

I might give the offerings from Pakeman Cato and Carter a try next time. If you already have, please let me know. They have some with nice contrasting piping and rounded collars, and the buttoning to the top. Very nice looking - cosy but smart. You can't say that for much of the lounge wear I'm seeing.


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