Unveiling Heston Blumenthal's Hidden Orange

The Blumenthal Pudding

I was lucky to get a hold of one of the puddings Heston Blumenthal has created for Waitrose. By the time I'd heard about it, it had pretty much sold out across the country. I wasn't going to chase one on Ebay though. Luckily, after inquiring at the local Waitrose, a kind employee who had bought one too many offered his spare to me.

The idea of a whole candied orange in the centre, to infuse the pudding with flavour while helping to keep it moist, sounded like an attractive proposition.

Heston's pud was a beauty. Needs to be taken in small doses though. So very rich, it should go on Forbes' next list. Accompanied with vanilla ice-cream, the combination was perfect. By the time I began to see the bottom of my plate, I had broken into a facial sweat due to the wonderful sugar-rush, and Mrs T joked that she thought she was going blind.
Coffee, no sugar
I offered to make coffee for afters, but with no sugar.


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