Sunspel - Getting the Basics Right since 1860

Looking for timeless and understated British underwear? No? neither was I the first time I encountered Sunspel. I first picked up some of their underwear in Italy. I hadn't packed enough and set out to replenish as quickly as possible. Who wants to spend hours shopping for underwear in Florence? I didn't much like the other brands on offer in one particular shop, mostly tanga-shaped and in racy cloth and colourways - not to Tweedy's taste. About to give up, I spotted some quietly boxed items giving a barely audible ahem amongst the packaged glare.

Without razzmatazz the underwear was waiting patiently for the discerning customer to discern.'Sunspel', I read. 'Made in England', I read further. The underwear was in plain white and in my size. I took a chance, paid up and made my way to a date with a steak Florentine.

Well cut and made with fine cotton, the underwear is frankly the most comfortable I have ever worn. I've expanded my collection as the company has expanded., trying their polo shirts, including their famous Riviera Polo of James Bond fame. They wash and wash and don't lose their shape or colour. Wonderful basics.
Caravan Kid
The 'Caravan Kid, or Billy Joe Saunders, can certainly do them more justice than any picture of myself could. Here's a short film shot by Alasdair McLellan for the Derbyshire company featuring the boxer. They say there's a bit of Ray Petri there. I see a bit of Derek Jarman. Great little film.


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