Uniformity - #1 Waitrose

Waitrose Supermarket Uniform

I enjoyed wearing my uniform at school. Blazer, shirt, tie, grey trousers and black shoes (polished regularly). Smart and sensible. Because we all looked the same there was no fashion competition between the children, and no time was needed to consider what to wear each day. It was also easier for parents to buy clothes for school. They had a template. I also feel it gave the school an identity and a cohesion - entirely the reason for a uniform.
Good experience with Waitrose
With this mind, old Tweedy is thinking of running an occasional series on nice uniforms, old and new, that represent a company or institution or regiment well. First up is Waitrose. I've always had good experience with Waitrose. The shops are run well and the staff always courteous and helpful. The new uniform looks well and fits Waitrose, being smart and modern. I complimented the staff in my local Waitrose on the uniform a number of times, and without exception they all seem to be pleased and feel comfortable wearing it.

If you can think of a uniform that is worthy of posting, please let me know. Maybe it's your own, in which case you could pop it on and send me a pic.


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