The Chap Broadens its Horizons

If you are looking to put some of your ackers to work, you may wish to direct a pouchful to this tip-top campaign from our good friends at The Chap.

Invest Your Ackers

The Chap has dabbled in retail now and then, but through a new Kickstarter Campaign, it is launching a 'more impressive range' of clothes and accessories.

Depending on how much you wish to pledge, you can support the project by backing anything from a lapel badge to a tweed jacket.

Gustav Temple says a little more on the campaign and some of the items — including a tweed jacket made by Walker Slater — in this video.

Silk pocket squares will be available in a dozen vintage designs. This 1928 geometric design looks rather splendid.

With this Kickstarter Campaign, The Chap aims to provide goods that will be 'unique, classic and elegant but with an eccentric twist'. We wouldn't expect anything else.

You only have a few days to make your investment. Be quick, as the tickets to the 2018 Chap Olympiad have already gone.


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