Hawkesmill Stylish Bags

I have been keeping a very keen eye on Hawkesmill for over twelve months. Actually, this is a bit of an in-joke between Taylor at Hawkesmill and myself. If I were to say any more, it would reflect very poorly on brand The Tweed Pig.

Let's just say that in those twelve months I have learned that Hawkesmill is a top-end maker of camera bags and accessories and worthy of your attention. The bags they produce are made by hand in England using the best materials, British ones where possible. Cleverly, Hawkesmill bags also function as messenger bags, weekend bags and carry-on bags. The Hawkesmill range continues to be extended with camera-straps and small leather goods.
Designs scrunched into paper balls
Hawkesmill was founded in 2012 with the intention of designing camera bags down to the finest detail. The result was a four-year effort — you can't rush perfection — that went into examining every aspect of bag design. One can only imagine the number of designs that were scrunched dejectedly into paper balls and tossed into the bin, the backs aching from hunching over drawing boards into the small hours.

Just take a look at the labour that went into designing the nickel trigger hooks used on their bags:

Deranged level of of pernickiteness
You could frame that technical drawing. But the results speak for themselves. And this almost deranged level of of pernickiteness is applied to all aspects of their bag designs — to the obvious benefit of those who invest in the finished product.

This is the Jermyn Street camera bag. As with all Hawkesmill bags, it has a triple-layered waterproof canvas construction, but this model has a layer of Harris tweed on the flap too. You have nickel fittings and leather trims. The locking mechanism is an easy-access turn lock.

Lifetime warranty
So convinced is Hawkesmill that they've got their design right, they provide a lifetime warranty against defects.

A removable padded insert can hold a laptop or tablet.

Damnably popular
Hawkesmill's more recent range of smaller bags has proved damnably popular. Stockists include Grays of Westminster. Here's the rather handsome Regent Street, made — you guessed it — from Chicago's finest Horween Chromexcel leather.

They say there is perfection in everything that cannot be owned. Perhaps a Hawkesmill bag proves the exception to this point.


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