Full Frontal Donegal

Winter will soon be arriving to Tweed Towers. When the Snow Queen covers the ground in her great white cloak and Jack Frost paints the trees silver, it's time to wrap up in a reliable woollen overcoat of suitable length — a full frontal length, to ensure that most of your person is protected from the nip of winter.

Reassuringly Hefty Overcoat

The Thornbury in Donegal tweed from Ede & Ravenscroft (1689) is a full length overcoat in classic fit, which means that you can squeeze a few layers inside too. Double-breasted, the coat has peal lapels and pacth pockets to carry your retractable baton and packet of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls (1898). Looking at the coat, you can imagine the reassuring heft as it drops on your shoulders.
Being to becoming
The closure at the lapels is just enough to cross a decent cashmere scarf into the gap. Nature may be moving into a colder phase, but with the Thornbury that transition from being to becoming gets a little warmer.


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