Ring, Happy Bells

Coming through! These lovely looking bicycle bells are guaranteed to send a message to inattentive pedestrians. Available from our Bristolian chums at Temple Cycles, they say the Handmade Temple Cycles Bell is '50% louder than your typical ding-ding bells'. That's quite a gain. You don't want to have the poor blighters quailing in your wake, but in a busy street there will be times that you need to let people know you're there with a judicious chime. Does a cyclist exist if you can't hear his bell?

Ring out, Wild Bells

The bells are designed to fit most handlebars. Available in silver, gold and rose gold finishes, they are handmade for Temple by Crane of Osaka, Japan, based on their famous Suzu Bell. Exquisitely crafted, the tone of the bell has a wonderful clarity thanks to the materials used (brass), the bowl shape of the bell, and the way in which it is struck. As any campanologist will tell you, the depth of a bell affects the timbre. Here we get a pleasingly clean and confident ting. And it's fun to use.

Who amongst us doesn't delight in ringing a bicycle bell? The ringing action is from a classic spring loaded strike mechanism. You won't be able to produce a Stedman Caters, but if you cycle past a church where they're letting rip, you might feel inclined to join in.


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