Necessary English Trousers

If the British were to have a written constitution — and freedom of speech would be a nice idea too — our Bill of Rights would no doubt declare the 'right to wear tweed shall not be impinged'. The right to wear (or not wear) tweed would forever be enshrined without fear or favour.

Remember the trousers we spotted in the Crab House Café in Dorset? Constitutionally good. I've been on the look out for similar trousers to replicate the freeborn Englishman at play look. Trust Cordings to stock the requisite clothing for unshackled legs.

Indigenous Pleats

Currently on the racks in Piccadilly and Harrogate, Cordings have a fine selection of tweed trousers with side adjusters and indigenous forward facing pleats. The top photo shows a nice amount of billow from the folds. And doesn't the blue of that tie complement nicely? The range of tweed trousers is available in plain, checked and herringbone patterns. You can choose from a lightweight 12oz tweed to a beefy 21 ouncer. All up to the mark, as we would expect.

If you're going to the Crab House Café, then you clearly want a check. These offer 21 ounces of windowpane-checked goodness:

Fuddy-duddy insurrection
It's actually good to see the lighter tweeds too. These are 13 oz and available with matching jacket and waistcoat for the fuddy-duddy insurrectionist:

These are in a handsome unchecked 14oz keepers tweed:

I'd be tempted to go gingham shirted up top with these beauties. A very versatile trouser. A necessary trouser.


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