Best of Britannia

The Best of Britannia exhibition takes place next week  (12-13 Oct) in Shoreditch in the glittering international city of London. The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the 'very best of British design and manufacturing'. Over 150 British brands will be exhibiting, including many we like to discuss and promote on these very pages.

The Finest Emerging and Historic Brands

The Best of Britannia organisers say they want to bring attention to the quality and design of British products so that consumers and retailers will naturally prioritise British-made goods over vastly inferior foreign substitutes that fall to bits as soon as you place them in your hands. Or words to that effect. I may be applying a magnifying glass to the matter, but one sometimes needs to overstate to elicit the right response.

Good luck to all exhibitors and a ripple of appreciation for your efforts in helping to resurrect British manufacturing.


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