Museum-Grade Military-Style Hair Brushes

Our old friends at The Gentleman's Shop were central to the revival of the legendary Coate's shaving cream a few years back. Apart from a few false flags, reports from my field operatives have returned little intel on its current availability. I think we're back to vintage pots of that glorious preparation again.

Grooming History

The Gentleman's Shop — retailer of quality shaving and grooming requisites for the discerning man — certainly doesn't stock any Coate's cream at the moment. What they do have, however, is this pair of Coate's military-style hair brushes. Just this pair, that's it.
Rare as benevolent Hollywood producer 
The brushes are vintage but unused — meaning as rare as a benevolent Hollywood producer (but rather more wholesome). You will not find these brushes anywhere. In fact, The Gentlemen's Shop believe they could be trade samples.

These brushes have a lovely Deco look about them, with those pastel colours in frightfully modernist materials, possibly Bakelite, acrylic or celluloid. The natural bristle is hand-sewn into the handle.
As owned by Jay Gatsby
I'm surmising with reasonable-to-great confidence that Jay Gatsby owned one, which he would place alongside his favourite scents and grooming products. (Smell like The Great Gatsby.)

The brushes deserve to be in your bathroom — under careful stewardship — or in a museum of men's style. Wonderful items.


  1. A fine pair of brushes. Are you going to make an offer? I have a Kent that has served me quite well for the past 40 years and shows no sign of wearing out any time soon.

    1. Tempting. Very tempting. I have a cupboard full of combs and brushes from the like of Kent and Mason and Pearson. Can I squeeze in another?

  2. Manic brushing via Daniel Day Lewis. Just found the site - great stuff.

    1. Thanks James. I like the look of the Day Lewis film. If that doesn't make it to Tweed TV, I'll eat my hairbrush. Best wishes, Tweedy


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