A Brogue-Tapper from Miley Cyrus?

Cantata Profana

I wasn't expecting this from spanking new chums at Cantata Profana. A lovely rendition of Purcell's Sweeter than Roses, which then morphs into a pop song by someone called Miley Cyrus.
Pleasant birr
Miley has never made it onto the schedule of Tweed TV, so I couldn't tell you the foggiest thing about her, but this song has a pleasant birr by dint of the talents of baritone John Taylor Ward and pianist Daniel Schlosberg. It fair made the old brogue tap along, let me tell you. Unseemly. Cantata Profana made Party in the USA sound like a songbook standard. Well done, chaps.

Made the brogue tap along
Cantata Profana is a 'fearless vocal and instrumental chamber ensemble' based somewhere in the Thirteen Colonies. New York I think. We should keep an eye on their activities.


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