Bore on Teba

At the risk of becoming a a bit of a bore about Spanish Teba jackets, a new maker comes on to our radar that we cannot ignore. A kind reader and pleased customer passed on this exciting intel. He suggested we add Lopez Aragon of Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, to our roster of (previously mentioned) Spanish makers. Lopez Aragon offers the classic soft Teba construction, with the notch lapel and shirt cuffs. But they can also offer side vents, open quarters — more of an opening beneath the waist button — and three-button closing, rather than the more traditional four-button and closed quarters.

The jacket you see at the top is in a green Drago Italian hopsack. Our reader says that Lopez Teba has set Spanish trad style forums abuzz. He had a Teba made to measure in this fabric and dispatched to his door.

Made to Order

Lopez Aragon do something quite commendable with their Made to Order Group. They offer items that they will make if there is enough interest. A crowd-funding type of thing. For fully-funded items, they will make just enough to cover those who expressed an interest. You can see the latest offerings here.

Included in the current batch is this modern style Teba jacket (below) in a blue 12oz wool-and-cashmere blend fabric.

You have the shirt cuffs and the flapped patch pockets, but you can see it has three buttons and those open quarters. (Whispers: price is very competitive indeed.)

Pencil yourself in for one, why don't you? And if you're heading to Spain, you really should pack a Teba in the same manner that Edward Fox believes you must wear a London suit in London.
Entente cordiale
In the spirit of entente in Spain — and so as not to come across too much as a clueless guiri — you might want to wear more cologne than you're probably used to, pop a cigar into your patch pocket and scrape the old hair into a laser-guided parting with some worthy brilliantine before sitting down to that mid-morning vermouth and tapas.


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    1. Thanks James. The green is really nice. I'm tempted to copy! I like that Glycine watch too. I've been looking out for one with a white face.


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