Sir Edmund Hillary Was a Size 11 Shoe

The impression of a Tricker's shoe was certainly not left on the summit of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary. He wore ruddy great mountaineering boots for that part of his journey.
Ruddy great mountaineering boots
We do know, however, that Sir Edmund was a Tricker's man and may well have taken a pair for the 1953 Himalaya Expedition — the ninth British expedition to Everest — where he successfully accomplished the first ascent of Mount Everest with Tenzing Norgay.

Edmund was a size 11, as an original 1960s order to Tricker's for a later Himalayan expedition shows below. By then it was Sir Edmund.

You can see the order book with the team's Himalayan Journal in the following photo:

The Calvert

What would Sir Edmund order from Tricker's current range? I hear you ask. Quite simply: the Calvert.

Why? Because you and I like them, and they are also from a 1950 bespoke design for an Austrian general — around the time of the expedition.
Welcome suppleness
The Calvert boots come in a choice of black or brown scotch grain leather with a robust Dainite sole. The leather is tanned with olive leaves to make it supple. An expedition relies very much on its feet, so supple is always welcome. Even if it's an expedition to the local pub.

You can wear the black version with white laces or black laces, which are also supplied. Might be rather fun to wear with white laces at the weekend.


  1. What seems weird is that Hillary wasn't knighted prior to the expedition. Prescience on the part of the sales clerke? Or document tampering?

    1. Chuckle. Well spotted Gavin. I've changed to 'an order' to avoid accusations of poor research. Best wishes, Tweedy

    2. Prepare for rolling updates. I'm in touch with the Tricker's people who have confirmed the order is from an order book from the 1960s. Best wishes, Tweedy

    3. I think we're all straightened out on timelines now. I was getting ahead of myself with wishful thinking.


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