Modernist Sporran

McRostie (1887) leather products are made at their workshop in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland. In addition to the typical leather accessories, McRostie do a fine line in highland goods, particularly the sporran.

The Calder

I am rather taken with McRostie's Calder sporran (above). It's a rather modernist take on the classic belt pouch. The sporran is made from British bridle leather and features a 'metal loop and thong closure'. The sporran can be monogrammed and comes with a leather strap and dust bag for storage.

You can call the Calder a day sporran, or everyday sporran, which are less ornamental than the large fur-fronted full-dress sporrans you might see on a kilt wearer at a wedding — there's always one at least — or the horsehair sporrans worn by the Scottish regiments of the British Armed Forces.

They say the typical contents of a modern sporran are a mobile phone and credit cards. You're also likely to find a hip flask. Some things never change.


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