Bonhams - Hooten Pagnell Hall

300 Years of Collecting in One-Day Sale

You may have read about the auction of contents from Hooten Pagnell Hall on the 1st of December through Bonhams. The history of Hooten Pagnell starts around the time of the Norman Conquest, with the earliest part of the house dating back to the 13th century. The sale items are from a collection that spans three hundred years.

Placing my pince-nez at the end of my nose, caramels at hand, I leafed through the prospectus of the sale. I have earmarked a few items I think you will be interested in, chaps.

I'm particularly interested in the 18th Century Carved Oak and Gesso Lion above. That would send a clear message from the turret at Tweed Towers.

Happy bidding.

Duelling Pistols by Royal Gunmaker H.W. Mortimer & Co, London (circa 1800)

Settle an argument the old-fashioned way with these duelling pistols. Just opening the box in the middle of a heated debate should settle the matter.

Silver Owl Mustard Pot by Edward and Joseph Mappin (1865)

Give your Colman's the pot it deserves.

Scott's Last Expedition and Letters Relating to Edward Wilson

Fascinating letters relating to Edward Wilson, whose brother Bernard was a steward at Hooten Pagnell.

Victorian Silver-Rimmed Horn Beakers by Thomas Johnson (1847)

They say horn is great for hot toddies. Alternatively, I use one as a pen holder.

19th Century Silver and Horn Snuff Mulls

Store your powder in style with these handsome snuff mulls. Drinkers will be agog when you place one of these next to your pint in the local pub.

19th Century Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy

The best tea deserves the reverence and respect this fine tea caddy represents.


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