Cordings of Harrogate

Cordings March North

After 176 years Cordings are opening a second shop in genteel Harrogate, Yorkshire. Lucky Harrogate. The town has always been a nice place to visit, but this opening certainly pushes it up Tweedy's liveable cities index. As a rule of thumb, if you see a hat shop and a cigar shop you know you're in civilised territory. I forget what my other criteria are. Something about the percentage of ties being worn per square mile of population? Or was it the ratio of proper shoes to flip-flops? 

The Cordings shop opens today in Westminster Arcade. Manager Director of Cordings, Noll Uloth (below), thinks the location is prefect for Cordings, and the shop will be bigger than the famous Piccadilly landmark.

With all the Yorkshire mills on their doorstep, they will be sure to stock some good Yorkshire tweeds.  

What with Betty's Tea Rooms and now Cordings, I may have to rethink my (unlikely) move to the Northern Highlands and turn my fickle attention to Harrogate (momentarily).  


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