The Art of Vickermann & Stoya

Craftsmanship is Art is Craftsmanship

The world hyperventilated when we first posted examples of the exquisite shoes made by Vickermann & Stoya a couple of years back. Time to revisit our German chums over at Baden-Baden to see what they've been up to recently.

As the shoes they create are like works of art you wear on your feet, it was a natural fit that they should begin a collaboration with Cologne-based art gallery Hammelehle und Ahrens to show artworks at their manufactory. So when you go for a shoe fitting you may well be walking out with a geometric composition by Jens Wolf (which would work nicely in my favourite Czech house) or an oil on canvas study by Ulrich Lambsfuss (see top — which would work nicely at Tweed Towers) under your arm.

V & S say this is the start of a programme to create a focal point for art and craftsmanship at Baden-Baden. German artists and craftsmen take note.

And the Shoes?

Reacquainting ourselves with the shoes of Vickermann & Stoya, we are reassured to find nothing has changed. (Why does anything have to change?) The shoes are still produced in the time-honoured fashion, with great skill and materials.

Have a paper bag at the ready in case your breathing becomes short and arrhythmic at the sight of this magnificent boot.

A boot comes in very useful when it is tipping down with rain. You can also take the trouser hem a little higher and at an angle with a cavalry cut. Gentlemen, we need more boots in our lives.


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